Faces & Photography is a project I started in October 2013 and finished in October 2015 in which I took over 1400 portraits in the streets of Brussels. I asked people what photography meant for them in one word, these are some of the portraits.

The people who participated in this project came from different background and nationalities. I approached strangers in the streets and asked them if I could take a portrait of them. Some rejected, but most accepted, giving me a wonderful experience from which friendships formed and evolved. I owe a lot to this project and even if it is over now, it is an integral part of my photography work and creative process and evolution as an artist.

Faces & Photography was a very extremely fulfilling project. I can only thank all of you who participated and accepted being photographed by a stranger. It is because of you that I was able to accomplish such project.

The following gallery shows 40 pictures at random order, so if you visit this gallery again the pictures will be the same, but the order will be different.

You can check out my Faces & Photography gallery below and if you want to see more portraits you can visit the Facebook page or the Instagram page of the project.

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