Any questions regarding my services? Hopefully, this FAQ will help you clear out any doubts.


My service includes:

  • The assessment of the requirements
  • Guidance and suggestions
  • An official quotation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Taking and delivering the pictures
  • The copyrights for picture exploitation
  • Backup of the pictures for a year

Copyrights for my images follow the Creative Commons (CC) licensing.

The specific license I provide to my clients is the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

To learn more, please visit my copyrights page.

If you would like to modify the license, please let me know so I can adjust the copyrights.

Yes, I apply a non aggressive retouching to improve overall image quality, meaning small improving adjustments. This is included in my service and it is part of my creative and artistic signature. I do not apply black and white, sepia, or trendy filters to my pictures. You can already see my retouching on my events page, conference page or portrait page.

For portraits, I remove anything that does not belong to the person's everyday look, meaning anything from pimples, blushes, strong reflections, lose hair, among others.
  • JPG medium resolution files; good for online communications, around 180 KB per picture
  • JPG high resolution files; good for printing, around 25 MB per picture
  • Mainly landscape format for events and conferences
  • Mainly portrait format for portraits
  • Mainly 3:2 picture ratio
  • No watermarks
If you require a watermark/logo on the images, please tell me in advance so I can apply it.

Yes. Contact me with your questions and specific requirements, and I’ll accommodate my offer accordingly.


The price depends on several aspects, although is mainly defined by the amount of time taking pictures. The more time taking pictures, the less the final price per hour will be.

If your budget is low, is better to understand the key moments of your event/conference and try to book my services during that time.

What I really need to know is:

  • The date(s)
  • The time slot(s)
  • The exact location
The more information you can give me about the event/conference, the better it is for me to provide you with the right service. For example, the detailed program.
If you are unclear about the timing but want to have a budget idea, feel free to contact me with the information you already have. Quotes can always be adapted.

I try to move around without disturbing, portraying candid moments that I observe. I rarely ask for a posed picture, but I enjoy very much when someone asks to be photographed or when is required/wanted by the client. I follow along the schedule of the event/conference so I do not miss the key moments, such as speechs, talks, announcements or award ceremonies.

If there are moments that require special attention and that aren’t included in the schedule, please let me know in advance so I can be ready. Examples can be a group picture, a surprise award, a special guest arriving, among others.

I try not to use my flash that often, so I do not annoy the guests. Sometimes the light conditions are just not good and usage of flash is required. When this happens, I like to use the flash in a way that it doesn’t necessarily look like a flash was used, so the pictures look more natural.

I offer a minimum amount of 25 selected pictures per hour of service. For example, if we work together for 4 hours, you could expect at least 100 final retouched pictures. It is often the case that I deliver more than the minimum.

The selection of the pictures is made by me to give you the best quality and outcome of the event/conference (rather than a huge amount of unnecessary pictures) so you have something less to worry about. You will get different angles and framings from the same situations (e.g. a speaker that has a 15 minutes presentation), instead of many pictures framed in the same way from the same angle from the same situation.

Within 5 business days you will receive all selected pictures retouched in medium resolution (good for online communications) and high resolution (good for printing). Upon request, I can send you up to 5 pictures in medium resolution within 24 hours for communications purposes (newsletter, social media, etc).

If you need pictures within 24 hours, think in advance about the moments you need and let me know.


My price varies depending on the number of people to photograph, and the amount of final retouched pictures you want to obtain per each person.

The more images you get, the less per photo you will pay.

What I really need to know is:

  • The purpose of the pictures
  • The number of people
  • The style you prefer
The more information you can provide, the better. No information is superfluous, and if you already have an idea of what you are looking for and for what, I recommend you sharing it with me.

I use my home as a studio, although I can quickly and preferably move to your space/office with my portable studio.

If you need pictures of two persons, then we can use my studio, or find another location.

Yes. I have a portable studio that I can bring to your offices. We can also use your office space as a background for the portraits, depending on what style you want.

If I come to your offices with my studio, I would need a space of minimum 4m x 4m with reasonable height.

Meeting rooms are generally good, the bigger, the better.

Yes. I have a set of professional lights that I use to lighten up my subjects. I can manipulate them to make all sorts of light/shadow effects on your portrait.

If you prefer to have a more natural look in your portraits, I can also make them without added lights.

No. I use professional lights.

Yes. I have done it several times in the past. Please provide me with the look you want so I can reproduce it.

I need about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. It depends on the room and the style of the picture you want. I usually arrive one hour in advance, so I have enough time to set everything up and make tests.

I have different background colors that we can use. I regularly use white, which looks a bit like gray because it looks professional, clean, and it is easy to replicate.

If you want a specific color as a background, let me know, and we will use that.

Yes. However, using a non-neutral area as a background will make it more challenging to duplicate the look if we take the portraits in different days.

Your office space can help to create a pleasant mood background that we can use in the future again.
We can take pictures with the studio and with a natural-looking background to get two different outcomes.

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes per person to make the right portraits. Otherwise, we will risk having mediocre pictures, and we do not want that.

For large groups, we may need to split the photo shooting into several days.

Yes. Each person gets coached until we achieve the results they like. If we skip this, we risk having unsatisfied people.

Each subject will see the pictures taken during the photo shooting, so they know what we are doing, and understand how they can improve to look better.

Clothes that you are comfortable wearing, that goes well with your personality and matches the voice tone of your business/company.

  • Avoid trying new clothes exclusively on the day of the shooting.
  • Avoid intense flashy colors (fuchsia, bright yellow, among others).
  • Avoid clothes that have patterns or logos.

It depends if you feel comfortable with it. It is not mandatory.

It is not a good idea to experiment with makeup on the day of the shooting. Try something you have done numerous times and that you like.

I can provide a makeup artist if needed.

Having a makeup artist will considerably slow down the process, requiring more time to complete the photo shooting.
Having a makeup artist is not necessary for most cases. If you want something exceptional and are willing to experiment, then by all means.

You, the subject, select the images you want. During the photo shooting itself, I allow each person to choose their favorite portrait(s).

If we do not have time to go through the pictures together, I will send you the proofs of the photoshoot, so you can decide the images you want to have retouched.

I deliver the retouched pictures within five days of the final selection. The final choice usually happens during the shooting with the subjects.

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