I am Dani Oshi (Daniel Osorio), a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium specializing in events, conferences, portrait, and corporate photography.

I have been taking pictures professionally working with clients since 2013, and I have been a passionate photographer since I was 11 years old.

I consider myself a life observer and an urban explorer, documenting life in the streets as it happens, without altering the reality or the flow of it. I blend in, observe, and take the shot.

I apply this concept to all of my photography, allowing natural situations to unfold, which will enable me to photograph those extraordinary moments that would go otherwise unnoticed, searching for expressions, composition, lights, and shadow.

Something different, something special.

You can always contact me through my contact page.

The cover video (view on YouTube) was made for an assignment with Roche Bobois.

Portrait of Dani Oshi (Daniel Osorio)
Dani Oshi

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  • 2017 – 2016, self-made and self-published, 1 edition, 24 copies.







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