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This month’s featured artist is mankichi44. A street photographer from Asia!

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Full name

Mankichi Shinshi

City and country where you live

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

How you started with street photography?

At the beginning of 2013, I got a mirrorless system camera by a friend’s suggestion, and I started taking photographs. Due to my time schedule, I walked and took some photos on midnight of the streets without any people. At that time, it was interesting to push a shutter button and get some pictures. Then I was no longer interested in that and gradually I started going outside under the sunlight to look for people.

Why street photography?

I still don’t know well about what was street photography. But I’m interested in two rules: “un-posed (no-staged) situation” and “in public space”. Those rules mean that it’s open to everyone. So I feel it’s the best situation that photographers can fight to find their own point of view.

What and/or who inspires you?

I like seeing photos, listening to music, reading novels and watching movies, but for me, the most important thing is personality. For example, I like the musician alone playing and songwriting without any promoter. I can be inspired strongly by something like that. I tend to like the people who lose in the majority vote.

How often do you go out to capture moments?

Anytime I can. Although due to my busy work, it’s about once or twice a month. And if I get a long vacation, I go traveling abroad.


­What do you look for when you go out on the streets?

What I want to do is to make a new work to tell stories never told before. Even if something doesn’t have a special meaning, it will become the important element of the new drama by finding some relations or acts. Often said, “photograph is reflection of truth”, but I don’t think so. There are as many truths as there are people. The camera is the tool approving « the original world » confirming « the original truth » and saying « Yes » by « the power » of the photographer’s point of view.


Once you find something that interests you, do you stay around and take several pictures until you think it makes sense? Or do you take few shots, hope for the best and leave? Working a scene can be rewarding or can be uncomfortable for some photographers as they don’t want to be noticed too much.

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