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Full name

Joe Aguirre

City and country where you live

San Francisco, CA, USA

How you started with street photography?

Photography for me started off slow. I had cameras and I left them at home a lot. Some time in my early twenties I don’t know what happened but I started bringing them with me everywhere and snapping all aspects of my life. I think it had something to do with getting my first digital camera as well as becoming an iphone user. Results were instant and I didn’t have to worry about money for film anymore. Fast Forward almost 10 years and I am back to film with a different mind set on how I produce photos.

Why street photography?

WHY NOT?! its accessible, and always around. Finding things to photograph within my daily life just seems to fit how I live. I sometimes make a point to go places specifically to make photos, but I would rather let the world unfold in front of me and take it how it comes.

What and/or who inspires you?

Life inspires me. The rough, the smooth. Its all one and the same. Photography is a way to understand and communicate. I try to draw inspiration from different creative things, music, films, zines, book, the masters as well as photographers I admire.


How often do you go out to capture moments?

I have a camera with me every day. I make photos every day. Sometimes I come home with a keeper, most times I don’t.

When you sometimes do get a keeper, how do you know it? Can you tell us more about your editing process to choose the keepers? Do you let your pictures marinate?

Time is the only way to see if the photograph you really like is a keeper. I edit what sticks out to me, I never delete anything or throw away negatives so I have the chance to revisit whenever I want. Every month I make a new ‘keep” folder and those photos usually feed my blog. From those 12 folders a year I will try and make sense of what I have been shooting and hopefully be able to come up with a small series for my portfolio.


What do you look for when you go out on the streets?

I just look.  

Do you interact with your subjects?

I try not to interact with most people. Most of the time (in my experience) If you are noticed then its time to move on. Sometimes people know sometimes they don’t. I would rather just make a photo and hope it works then to worry about wether or not someone is going to see me or how sneaky I can be. If you act like you belong there making photos, it works.


­How do you challenge yourself to improve on photography?

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