Dani Oshi

About Dani Oshi

Photographer in Brussels, Belgium

I am Dani Oshi, a Photographer based in Brussels, Belgium specializing in event photography, portrait photography and street photography.

I consider myself a life observer, street photographer and an urban explorer, documenting life in the streets as it happens, without altering the reality or the flow of it, totally candid. I blend in, observe, and take the shot.

I apply this concept to all of my photography, allowing natural situations to unfold, which gives me the opportunity to photograph those very special moments in a natural way, searching for expressions, composition, lights and shadows... something different, something special. 

To be in contact with people is very important to me and that is why I enjoy so much photographing people, it doesn't matter if it is in the streets, in an specific event or while taking portraits. Human contact allows me to learn and discover new experiences and feelings that I care about.

I am currently available for shootings and assignments. You can contact me here.

Current projects and activities

  • I have a Blog, where I post pictures on a daily basis. This blog is mainly about street photography. My blog has been featured in tumblr and I am part of the prestigious community of photographers on tumblr Lensblr as a member.
  • Member of InQuadra photography collective.
  • Curator for the first and second editions of the Brussels Street Photography Festival.
  • Founder and chief editor of WorldSP.co, a common ground where artists share their street photography pictures.
  • Faces & Photography is a project where I took portraits of strangers in the streets of Brussels and asked them for a word to describe photography. To watch the full project visit my Faces & Photography blog on tumblr and Faces & Photography on Facebook.
  • Dani Blow Up is a year-long project about self portraits. You can see all the photos at Dani Blow Up on tumblr.
  • Family Photography is a natural style of photography I'm very fond of, looking for those unique moments to photograph while blending in, showing the beauty of simplicity in everyday life or a special event by documenting it.
  • Portrait Photography is one of my preferred styles of photography, a creative process I very much enjoy and that I care about. I search mainly expressions and beauty out of simplicity while making the model feel comfortable and relaxed, creating a unique ambiance where we have a good time together.

Collaborations, Exhibitions and Publications

November 2017 - Featured in an interview for Focus on the Story. Washington D.C., US.

November 2017 - Judge for the first edition of the Phos Athens festival. Athens, Greece.

October 2017 - Curator for the second edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival. Brussels, Belgium.

September 2017 - Official member of InQuadra photography collective.

August 2017 - Featured in an interview for iFocus about my participation in Phos Athens.

August 2017 - Winner for Focus on the Story - Summer in the City contest. Washington D.C., US.

August 2017 - Winner for the London Street Photography Festival in the category International Series and third place in the category London Singles. London, UK.

July 2017 - Featured in an interview for Shooter Files with Forrest Walker.

July 2017 - Finalist for the Observations Street Photo contest with a photo from my street series 2016. Iserlohn, Germany.

June 2017 - Finalist for StreetFoto San Francisco with my street series 2016. Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco, US.

November 2016 - Speaker and workshop instructor at FOMU Antwerp for Centrum voor Beeldexpressie. Antwerp, Belgium.

November 2016 - Featured in front cover for the Centrum voor Beeldexpressie magazine. Antwerp, Belgium.

October 2016 - Featured with my ongoing project La Fiera in the Brussels Newsroom. Brussels, Belgium.

October 2016 - Featured with a podcast interview for StreetPX - Highlighting the ordinary. San Francisco, USA.

October 2016 - Curator for the first edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival. Brussels, Belgium.

September 2016 - Featured in an article of Digital Photographer #179 with my Man Made photos.

February 2016 - Solo exhibition showing my street photography and Dani Blow Up. Al Mulino, Maasmechelen, Belgium.

October 2015 - Featured in the October 9th Weekender of the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. See it on Issuu. Chicago, USA.

July 2015 - Featured in a Brussels blog. Brussels, Belgium.

June 2015 - Digital Photography exhibition for Love Nation Brussels. Brussels, Belgium.

February 2015 - Faces & Photography project is featured in Shht magazine. Brussels, Belgium.

November 2014 - Digital Photography exhibition of Faces & Photography for MUSEfest. London, UK.

August 2014 - Teerts Collective Summer 2014 Issue is released.

Issue #1. Summer 2014

Issue #1. Summer 2014

April 2014 - Featured in “Monthly Photo Magazine”, Vol.555, 2014 with a Street Photography interview and the Elders series. Monthly Photo Magazine is a Korean photography magazine running since 1966.

April 2014 - Photography exhibition "Édition Printemps", featuring the Street series as a part of a Black and White contest. Factory Market. Paris, France.

March 2014 - Ongoing photographic collaboration with Missing Children Europe with the Children series.

July 2013 - Photography exhibition "Appunti di Viaggio", featuring my Man Made series. Visual TorinoTorino, Italy.

June 2013 - Photography exhibition "Poland", showing the life in the streets of Poland. Self. Krakow, Poland.

September 2012 - Photography exhibition featuring the Torino Bianca Notte series. Visual Torino. Torino, Italy.