You are organizing an event, and you know you will need a photographer. You have done some research, asked around, and got a list of potential photographers whom you would like to contact and see if they can come to your event. In the end, you know you have to pick one, but how do you choose? The selection process might be overwhelming and subjective, especially if you have no experience in the field. Let me guide you a bit on how you can narrow down your selection to the best photographer.

By the way, if you already have someone of trust that takes pictures, get in touch with that person. Given, of course, that you are satisfied and happy with the results. You have a higher chance of being happy again with the results when you work with someone of trust.

1. Check the online portfolio.

Portfolios and galleries can reveal a lot about a photographer. The pictures should speak to you in a way that you would wish to have those pictures for your event. I recommend you check other galleries from the same photographer as well, and even personal projects. Going through the work of a photographer can be an eye-opener experience. If you see things you like and admire, there is a bigger chance for you to obtain the same results for your event.

2. Check the referrals and reviews.

I would strongly recommend that you dedicate some minutes to see what other clients have to say about the photographer you are inspecting. Go through the Google reviews people have left for them, and have a critical eye to evaluate if these reviews are authentic and realistic. You could also check on their website, where they could have quotes and citations from clients, but hey, these could be fake or exaggerated. I believe Google reviews are a good starting point to check what other people think of them.

3. Contact them with enough details.

At this point, you should contact several photographers and see how they respond to you. Some photographers are craving attention, and others regularly busy with work. To be sure you get their attention, take the time to write a clear text about your event. Indicate the time, schedule, place, and any other information you find relevant for the photography aspect. Ask for availability, budget quotation, copyrights, and conditions. Now, the ball is on their court, so sit tight and wait for their response.

4. Communication is key.

Once you start receiving responses, you will better understand how professional and serious the photographers are. The way they communicate with you is relevant. You should pay close attention to the language they use and how clear they express themselves. You should check if they have answered all of your queries and provided you with enough information to close a deal. If the photographer is vague, it may leave an unpleasant and unfulfilled feeling about them, and you might feel you are jeopardizing your event. To avoid this sensation of doubt, ask for clarifications, or move on to another photographer.

5. Manage your expectations.

Everything must be clear before you hire a photographer. Don’t leave details to chance and have everything clear about what you expect from the photographer. Some example questions could be:

  • – How many pictures are we going to get?
  • – When and how do you deliver the pictures?
  • – How can we use the images?
  • – In which format do you deliver the files?
  • – Do you add watermarks to your pictures?
  • – What information do you need from us?
  • – Can you send us an invoice?

If a photographer can answer these questions, then you know you are in good hands, and you will have a peace of mind for your event. Remember to clarify as many things as possible before you hire them, and avoid ugly surprises by living on accident.

6. Careful with the cheapest option.

If you are on a budget, you may be inclined to prefer the cheapest solution. Be careful that you don’t fall for the least expensive option, as it may be costly for you and your organization. You should pay close attention to the budget, and manage your expectations around it too. However, if the profile you liked has the cheapest budget, then hurray! Lucky day! Go for it and book your photographer.

Final thoughts.

Hiring a photographer shouldn’t be a painful process, and I hope these tips help you find the right photographer for your event. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you are happy with the results and that you can use the pictures for your communication and marketing campaign.

Do you have other tips for finding the perfect photographer for an event? I would love to hear your advice! Leave a comment below or get in touch with me, and I’d be glad to adapt my article to make it better.

This article is part of a series related to the process of hiring a photographer from A to Z. I’ll be writing a new one every week, so be sure to come back, so you don’t miss what’s next. Thank you for your time!

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